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About Sybil's Kitchen

At Sybil's Kitchen is where all the magic happens.  Started by Sybil Velade, chef from Le Cordon Bleu Cookery School of London, and a fabulous team! My original idea was preparing dinners for time-poor friends and family members so that they would always have good homemade food in their fridges and freezers (and so would we!). Our food is multicultural...I grew up in Lima, Peru- next to the ocean, which makes me a seafood lover- Lima is also a melting pot for Spanish, Asian, Italian and French food (the Conquistadores took care of that). I love to travel to taste ethnic cuisine at its best and plan my trips with cooking classes lined up in the countries that I visit!

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From our Customers


"At Sybil's Kitchen is an outstanding and wonderful culinary resource for cooking classes as well as a catering service for small groups. My husband and I have been ordering many of her delicious meals on nights that our own cooking is not convenient or we just want a night out at home. For those that don't cook, At Sybil's Kitchen is an excellent alternative on a daily basis.

Her recipes are gourmet. Examples are: Sesame Salmon (can replace Tilapia) with Zesty Cilantro Pesto; Moussaka (with ground lamb, eggplant, tomatoes and feta); or Chicken Salad Cakes (with tomato-horseradish salsa). We often order 8 meals at a time. Her dinners are incomparable-gourmet, delicious and nutritious. Sybil uses no chemicals, not even preservatives that are found in other commercial foods. The meals are wonderful. They are already cooked and only need to be heated (or refrigerated, or frozen) when the customer receives them.

Sybil Parsa, owner of At Sybil's Kitchen was educated at the Cordon Bleu School of Cooking. She is a superior chef; knowledgeable in every aspect of food, has creative, delicious recipes, and all of her recipes are gourmet.

We are so glad we discovered At Sybil's Kitchen. We recommend it without reservation."


Teresa S wrote:

"Beautifully and well prepared meals and catering that is balanced and healthy. Sybil is a master chef in the kitchen and brings an international flair to all her meals. I highly recommend her cooking classes, gourmet catering and weekly meal service. Excellent all around and a lovely person to do business with."


Elsa G said:

Just wanted you to know what a fabulous Valentine dinner we had enjoying your Beef Wellington!!   It was some
of the best we have ever had!!!!!!!  You are so talented!!!!!!!!!!!  Also,  a few nights ago, My husband had the salmon and he said it was very good.  That’s great considering he is not a big fan of Salmon!!!!!!!  He also enjoyed the plum cake." 

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